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Digit! 02-2014 Mask Integrator Mask Integrator

Digit 02/2014 (DE)

Profi Foto 04 2014 Unlimited Filters Unlimited Filters

Profi Foto 04/2014 (DE)

Pictures of the Month

Pic Photographer: Michael Quack - Chroma Mask

Greenscreen Test Shooting

Pic Photographer: Michael Quack - Mask Integrator

Making of in the Digit! 02-2014

Pic Photographer: Michael Quack

Photographed with Hensel Freemask

Pic Photographer: Torsten Schoepe

Photographed with Hensel Freemask

  • Look Converter v2

    New: Look Converter v2

  • Chroma Mask

    Color Keying while Shooting

  • Smart GPS Sync

    Geotagging without GPS logger

  • Color Cone

    New: Color Cone

  • Fast Resize

    Freeware: Fast Resize

  • Trust Your Eyes - camera and lens tests

    New Project: Camera and Lens Tests

  • Mask Integrator

    Try Now: Mask Integrator

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