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Version History

Version 1.0.0

  • Official release version

New in version 1.1.0

  • Fixed issues with loading some specific LUTs


Mix LUTs without any loss in quality

LUT Mixer is a plugin and can be used as an effect in all supported host programs.

Working with LUTs (Look Up Tables) is popular and nowadays many programs support LUTs. In most programs LUTs can only be applied one after the other. Since most LUTs are optimised to be applied to fresh image material, it commonly happens that any LUT applied after the first one will not deliver the desired results anymore since it is not applied to a neutral image but to one already altered by the first LUT.

LUT Mixer

Parallel summing or calculating the average

For every loaded LUT a selection switch can be used to determine whether it will be summed or applied as an average. All LUTs with their selection switch set to the sum icon will be added up. Color shifts towards the same direction will add up while differing LUTs shifting the same color in opposite directions will mutually weaken that color.

Averaging-option protects against overdriving

If several similar LUTs are loaded, summing them can result in over-intensive colors. The option "averaging" makes sure that you don't have to adjust all LUTs if you adjust the intensity of one single LUT. When in averaging-mode, the intensity of all LUTs is not adjusted in absolutes. Their ratio is being calculated and then normalized to 100%. Therefore the cumulative intensity within the averaging group plays no role anymore.

Since this mode also normalizes very low values to 100% the averaging-group has a separate master control.

LUT Mixer

LUT Mixer - Revolutionizing working with LUTs

The result of all LUTs set to "averaging" will in the end be added to the LUTs which are set to "sum" and the end-result can be adjusted via the master control.


  • Intuitive mixing of LUTs
  • Simple adjustment of professional looks
  • Standardized average calculation automatically adjusts the total intensity
  • Suitable for LUT-systems (separate LUTs for colorings and contrasts)
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